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Dear Friends,

Here is our USA show/trip schedule for you to make a note of. Please contact us if you would like to attend any of our private functions / cocktail parties which are being hosted by great friends in Dallas, Houston, Lubbock and we are attending an event in Miami, Florida.
This year our team consists of me (Hans), Clive Curtis and Darren Baker.

We have a new booth & design which we look forward to sharing with you at DSC!




3 January: Cocktail Party in Dallas – Please contact us.
4 January: DSC set up and we are available for 1-on-1 appointments. Please contact us.
5-8 January: DSC Convention Booth number 3212. See you there!
9 January: Available for 1-on-1 appointments in Dallas after the show. Please contact us.
10 & 11 January: We are in Houston and available for appointments on the 10th and 11th. Please contact us.
11 January: Cocktail party in Houston.
12 January: Function in Miami Florida.
14 January: Cocktail party in Lubbock, Texas

We are not attending SCI in Vegas in 2017 or in the future.

Our USA Mobile number is 214 862 8697 which is operational as of 4 January.

We have awesome new T-shirts which should be arriving soon. We will have some for sale at DSC for $20 per shirt.


For more information email or
Looking forward to seeing many of you at the DSC show and our other events.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
Hans and the CVS team


Dear Friends,
Our season kicked off to a fantastic start! We hosted Jim and Joel in our premier Kalahari area! They enjoyed the vastness of this 240,000 acre concession and in addition to taking some spectacular animals, they had sightings of Buffalo, Lion, Cheetah, Rhino (black and white), Brown Hyena and to top it all they had a glimpse of a female Leopard with two cubs!

Gemsbok and Zebra

Clive and the team set up a spectacular “fly camp” for Jim and Joel overlooking the infamous Sebudu Pan! Just after sunset, whilst enjoying the glowing campfire they heard Cheetah calling on the pan, very close to the waterhole. They walked out onto the pan with spotlight in hand and managed to approach the Cheetah on foot getting to within 100 yards! After a spectacular dinner and a few night-caps they hit the sack. During the night they were serenaded by roaring Lions and all the night sounds typical of the Kalahari wilderness.


Table and tent

Our Kalahari concession is a spectacular destination. It is unique and it offers our discerning clients a magical safari experience. This area provides so much more than a “hunting trip!” (Click here to view our Kalahari Area Photo Album)

Sunsets and spoor


I always count my lucky blessing when I visit our magical Kalahari Concession! I am so fortunate to be able to take my family to such spectacular wilderness areas because of what I do for a living. This Easter Sarah, Emily, Caleb (my wife, daughter and son) and I along with some friends took the 625 mile drive to our Kalahari Concession to enjoy some tranquility and quality family time. We are extremely fortunate and privileged to have the run of this phenomenal area on safari with our clients and for family vacations. Read More


Dear Friends,
The Reserve Manager of our Kalahari concession phoned Hans Vermaak this morning to share the news of a phenomenal wildlife sighting he had the rare privilege of enjoying yesterday afternoon. He was parked about 100 meters from Sebudu Pan (many of you will know this waterhole) 30 minutes before sunset taking in the scenery on his way back to the reserve headquarters. 3 White Rhino were drinking alongside some Giraffe. Suddenly a big Tom Leopard appeared out of nowhere and drank just meters away from the Rhino who remained undisturbed. (Read More)


REALITY CHECK – AN ARTICLE BY HANS VERMAAK    “I am proud to be an ethical hunter and I value the crucial role that we play in this challenging world to conserve our wildlife! 2015 was a roller coaster ride for the global hunting community where “Cecil the Lion” has changed the landscape of hunting – especially in Africa. I have penned an article that covers the Cecil saga, the anti-hunting fraternity and their goals to destroy us, the important role hunters play in conservation and why we need to become proactive in championing the value of hunting. We cannot afford to sit back and be quiet anymore simply knowing we are right, because the landscape has changed dramatically. The global hunting fraternity needs to educate the uninformed masses. We need to tell them our good news story!” ….. By Hans Vermaak (Professional Hunter and Outfitter) Click here for the full article.


2014 was a highlight year for us with a fully booked season and many happy campfires from March until the end of October! We conducted quality safaris in South Africa, which is what we are famous for, as well as superb safaris in the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique for Buffalo & Crocodile. We also hunted the endless shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe as well as the Matetsi Block near Victoria Falls along the boundary of Hwange National Park. All our safaris, no matter where they took place, yielded results beyond expectations! At the last 3 day AGM & Conference of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (the largest and most proactive PH association on earth) which is annually attended by DSC and SCI as well as other International Representatives, the Coenraad Vermaak Safaris team accepted humbly a number of major awards. Read More

THE THIRD WAY – by Peter Ryan

“THE THIRD WAY” –  by Peter Ryan 

(Originally published by Fieldsports Magazine UK  We would like to share a great article with you written by Peter Ryan – a New Zealand based writer and photographer specialising in fly fishing, game birds, gun dogs and big game ( Peter joined PH Hans Vermaak earlier this year for a memorable safari at two of our superb hunting areas – Rooipoort Game Reserve and Khamab Kalahari Reserve. Peter’s article that we are sharing with you in this mailer, appears in the the August/September 2014 issue of Fieldsports game shooting & fishing ( Read about Peters safari with a difference and how he was bitten by the worst bug on the Dark Continent! Please click here to see the full article.


Unacceptably Ethical. The title of a great “must read” article by long time CVS friend Marcus Janssen – Editor of Fieldsports Magazine & The Scottish Sporting Gazette. Janssen argues that “trophy hunting is often completely misunderstood. It isn’t hunting, but ignorance, that is the greater threat to Africa’s wildlife“. Click here to read the full article.


We came across a tremendous article (31 May 2014)  in the Saturday Star by journalist James Clarke – “Hunting for a way to save our wildlife. Rights activists oppose it, but the argument’s rational.” Hopefully more and more people will change their minds and finally agree on the simple fact that hunting is a powerful conservation tool. Click on the following link to open a pdf of the article:  J Clarke – hunting31.5.140001



MEMORIES – by Coenraad Vermaak.


I had a vision many years ago. A vision that one day I would be a professional hunter (or “PH” as we are called).  I set about this career earnestly in 1968. But as the years rolled by, I started to doubt that “PH” really stood for Professional Hunter. I soon discovered that “PH” actually stood for “permanently homeless”. However when clients were scarce I decided it stood for “probably hopeless” which meant that it also stood for “permanently hungry”. And if that was the case then “PH” stood for “Potential Hobo”. Fortunately things didn’t work out that way and I was able to turn my favourite hobby into my career over 40 years ago. Continue reading