What we offer is a substantial cut above the rest and not comparable!

The best hunting areas are rare and expensive. One can have the best PH in the world guiding you and the hunting camps and equipment can be first class BUT if the hunting area is not a good one, that has consistently produced a variety of high quality trophies and a fulfilling safari experience, one is not going to have a truly great safari. Period.Our safaris, particularly our hunting concessions, must not be compared to “other” safari Outfitters’ areas because you cannot compare apples with oranges. What we offer is a substantial cut above the rest and not comparable!

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This is the largest hunting concession and privately owned conservation area in South Africa spanning over 239 600 acres in one continuous block with no internal fences. This is the finest safari destination in South Africa, period! Our Kalahari Concessionis situated in the most remote and least populated region of South Africa. The silence is deafening, the tranquility is refreshing and at night you will think the stars are within arms reach! The areais home to ALL THE BIG 5 as well as cheetah, black rhino, African wild dogs, hyena and a large variety of excellent quality plains game species.

This area boasts the best Cape buffalo hunting we have encountered. The average on buffalo taken the lasttwo years is 43.6” spread with rock hard bosses. There are phenomenal gemsbok, kudu, eland and springbok trophies … and the list goes on! There is no malaria in this region and it is an ideal family safari destination. It is also perfectly suited for the serious trophy hunter wishing to collect exceptional quality trophies.As an example it is estimated that this amazing areais home to over 6500 gemsbok alone and the quality of all species is exceptional. All safaris are 100% exclusive unless otherwise agreed. Hunters will have 240 000 acres of magical Kalahari wilderness all to themselves!The lodge is 5 Star; it is air conditioned, boasts a swimming pool and sleeps 8-10 guests. The catering and attention to detail is unmatched. This is a first class safari bar none!

This is the premier destination in South Africa, unparalleled anywhere, including neighboring African countries. For a true, authentic African experience nothing matches our Kalahari Concession. (CLICK HERE FOR AREA PHOTO ALBUM)

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The Timbavati Game Reserve is situated on the western boundary of South Africa’s most famous Park. The Timbavati is unquestionably the finest dangerous game safari destination in South Africa. Here we focus primarily on Cape buffalo, however we also offer safaris for management elephant bulls, the trophies of which can be exported, hippo, limited wild lion and leopard as well as white rhino. When on safari in this area it is not unusual to see over 1500 buffalo, lions, leopard elephant, rhino, cheetah, wild dogs, hippo and a large variety of plains game.

There are three categories of buffalo tags: the Deluxe Buffalo hunt, the Classic Buffalo huntand my personal favourite the Dagga Boy hunt. These vary in price and duration. If a monster buffalo is what you are after do not delay in booking soon because there are only 6 “deluxe” tags issued each year. The classic buffalo tag has a limit of a 38” spread, but please do not let this fool you into thinking that you will be hunting a sub standard buffalo. The classic buffalo that you will hunt in this concession will be a spectacular buffalo with all the necessary traits and will more than likely be a better buffalo all round than one you may obtain in other areas in South Africa, as well as the rest of Africa – mark my words!


The tented safari camp takes you back to a bygone era. It’s not uncommon to be serenaded by lions, hyena, leopard and hippo at night. The camp is solar-powered and meals are enjoyed around the campfire.Discerning hunters, who not only value trophy quality but also the importance of an authentic African safari experience in dangerous game country, appreciate how unique this hunting concession is. As a truly magical piece of Africa, the Timbavati is unsurpassed.(CLICK HERE FOR AREA PHOTO ALBUM)


KZN&otherHome to, amongst others, the sought after Nyala and Bushbuck as well as Common Reedbuck, the Big 4 and the smaller species like Red Duiker and Suni, our areas in the province of KwaZulu Natal (off the east coast of South Africa) are diverse and offer challenging and exciting hunting. Depending on your trophy priorities, some safaris will visit hunting areas in the Xeric sand forests at sea level while others will travel to the higher altitudes of our Drakensburg region where peaks can exceed 6000 feet.

KZNVRhebokLong range shooting is the order of the day especially for the Vaal Rhebok, however the smaller critters will test your reflexes, speed and accuracy at short distances! Accommodation ranges from the typical luxury tented camp to thatched rondavel bush lodges, quaint log cabins and charming country Inns or private cottages – all far from the madding crowd and offering all one’s home away from home comforts.(CLICK HERE FOR AREA PHOTO ALBUM)

The Eastern Cape Province boasts large farming and ranch land comprising flat open plains as well as mountainous country reaching 9000 feet above sea level.Over 20 species of game occur – from the illusive Vaal Rhebok and Bontebok to the majestic Eland. Because of the wide open plains, long range shooting is required as well as close “snap” shooting for the Blue Duiker. Hunting the Cape Grysbok occurs at night as they are nocturnal. Because of the varied habitat and size of the areas, one can expect to go out in a different direction each day and great distances may need to be covered by vehicle in order to collect all of the species occurring here. The areas also offers outstanding birdshooting.

All visitors must be aware that it can get very cold in winter with occasional snow falls. Accommodation is mostly in old colonial style homesteads where fireplaces come standard as does the fine hospitality the locals are famous for.

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THE KALAHARI FOOT SAFARI EXPERIENCE –A unique African adventure in a magical 240 000 acre wilderness. Following tracks & reading the signs of the wild …

Hunt South Africa’s largest private game reserve and hunting concession the old way ….. ON FOOT! Traverse the Kalahari wilderness on foot and hunt for quality plains or dangerous game. This is a unique safari adventure that only CVS can provide in South Africa’s premier 240 000 acre concession!

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A fully equipped crew with land cruiser and trailer will set up a basic but comfortable tented camp in different prime locations ahead of the “foot safari team”. The camp will comprise canvas safari bow tents (2.4m or 3m), stretchers with mattress and a sheet, pillow, blanket (clients to bring their own sleeping bags), small dining tent, tables, hand basins, chairs, bucket shower, fresh but limited water, basic lighting, cold drinks, ice and good hearty meals in keeping with all CVS camps. The foot safari team will have radio communication with the main camp and reserve management.


Game hunted will be collected, skinned and salted by the ground crew. You will be sleeping in unfenced wild places where you can savour the night skies and no doubt the roars of lions. Expert trackers and dangerous game licensed Professional Hunters will guide you on this ultimate adventure. Success rate on game will be high and the hunting will be rewarding. A suggested game list would be: Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Burchell’s Zebra, Springbok, Warthog, Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Cape Eland, Steenbok, Black-backed Jackal & Buffalo.

Our Kalahari Concession is a vast and pristine wilderness area which is, quite simply, unsurpassed! This experience will provide you with peace, tranquillity and a sense of achievement which will leave you revitalized, rejuvenated and probably fantastically tired. The best months to enjoy this adventure are March, April, May and late August, September, October. Join us for a phenomenal experience!