Meet the Vermaak family

VermaakFamilyThe Vermaak hunting legacy began with Coenraad’s Grandfather, C.M. Vermaak in the early 1900’s. This legacy has been passed down through the generations and as a result Coenraad’s grand-children are proudly the 5th generation of hunters in the Vermaak family.

Coenraad Vermaak Safaris will always be family owned and run.

vermaaksHans and Sarah Vermaak with Caleb and Emily

cmv-vjv-kidsCoenraad and Vicky Vermaak and Coenraad with his grandchildren

Eileen and Mark Winterton with Brandon and Rebecca

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The CVS professional hunters

Our team of Professional Hunters are qualified, experienced guides and are members of PHASA (The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa). Above all, they are dedicated, passionate and extremely good at what they do!

PH Layout

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The CVS Office and Field Staff

Delvin Wichmann – Accounts. Robyn Worthington – Safari Administrator.  Kathy Webster – Lodge Manageress & Chef.

Ensuring your safari is planned perfectly from start to finish and is carried out with attention to detail and that “special touch” that CVS is renowned for.


Our Trackers

 Our trackers are highly skilled and dedicated gentlemen. They were the first trackers in South Africa to be recognized as full field members of PHASA – a testimony to their skills and professionalism.quill single horz